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The goal of HORBA - the Historic Offshore Race Boat Association, a non-profit organization, is threefold:

  1. To educate the Public about the sport's rich and colorful past and the many contributions it has made to boating safety.
  2. To find as many of the old race boats as possible and have our members restore them before they are lost forever.
  3. To create venues, both show and racing, where these old boats may be seen again by the general public.

Inside our site, you will find some great old photos, videos and stories of the people and the boats connected to this exciting sport. Please click here for a sampling of what's inside.

When we first began, Michael Aronow wrote this letter for all future members ...

I just want to take this opportunity to thank HORBA and Charlie McCarthy for remembering and memorializing, through pictures for all to see, some of my Dad's accomplishments in the world of offshore powerboat racing. These pictures help show those who were not around during the day the profound effect my Dad's years of tireless innovation, experimentation, building and racing have had upon modern day offshore power boating throughout the world. I hope that you, as a new Diamond Anchor Member, enjoy the celebration of this, my dad's 80th birthday, in this way.

Regards to all,
Michael Aronow
March 1, 2007


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